The Perfect Hero


Experiencing the worst case of writer’s block she’d ever faced, Cassandra Daniels feared she’d never finish her novel by deadline. In walked Nicolas Henry and her hopes rose. Will he be the answer to her Hero problems? Or the end of her career and hope that true love actually exists?

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The Perfect Hero

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The Perfect Hero


Excerpt : Unedited.

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“So how shall we start this? Seeing how prepared you’ve been in the past, I’ll bet you have a list of questions ready for me.”

A list, damn, why hadn’t she thought of that? Looking up into Nicolas’s sea green eyes she knew the answer. He’d distracted her into forgetting and the only way that could happen would be if she were attracted to this man. With him in her life and preferably her bed, she could write the most amazing and highly erotic stories. Seeing the grin spreading across his face, Cassandra settled herself comfortably onto the nearest seat to gather her thoughts. “Let’s start with a series of questions.”

Nicolas sat across from her and leaned back in the chair. “What’s your first question? For you, I hold nothing back.”

Taking a deep breath, she opened her notebook and pulled out her pen. She hoped he didn’t notice she was winging it,. “Question one, if you saw a woman and were instantly attracted to her, what would you do to meet her? How far would you go?”

Nicolas grinned wolfishly, making her heart race in suspicion and desire. “I’d start by seeing if I knew anyone who knew her. If I did then I’d ask them to help me meet her. If they refused, I’d blackmail them into helping me.”

“If you didn’t know anyone?” She chose to ignore everything but his answers, it was safer while they were alone together. She couldn’t do anything she might regret later this way. Cassie knew she could process the information she gathered later tonight when she was safely at home.

“If I didn’t know anyone, then I’d create a situation to bring us together. No woman can resist me for long, my beautiful Cassandra.”

“Create how?” Cassie leaned forward so she wouldn’t miss a single word.

“For example, I could offer to help her with her research.”

Her pen slipped out of nerveless fingers at the direct hint. It stunned her that anyone could be so arrogant. She watched as Nicolas leaned forward to pick up the pen and hand it back to her. His lips close enough to kiss. With a quick shake of her head she leaned back to continue her questioning. “Question two, once you had said woman’s attention what would you do next?”

Nicolas eyed her thoughtfully for a few minutes before answering. “I’d get her alone and slowly charm my way into her every thought.”

Oh my! Fanning herself with her notebook Cassandra reminder herself to breathe. The man’s voice may be as soft as silk and caressed her every time he spoke, but he was research, nothing more. “Let’s say for… research purposes, that you’ve succeeded. How do you know you’ve reached your goal and what would you do next?”

Nicolas got up in one fluid movement and crossed to sit on the arm of her love seat, narrowing the distance between them until she was ready to either bolt or jump him. He ran his fingers seductively down the side of her face and leaned in close. “I’d tell her how beautiful she is and how much I’d like to get to know her better.”

Cassie started frantically writing, nervously in her notebook to distract herself from his nearness. “You never said how you’d know she was ready to hear that information?”

Nicolas chuckled and moved to sit beside her on the love seat. Cassandra couldn’t quite catch her breath with him sitting so close. She couldn’t decide if he was too close or not quite close enough.

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