Wrongful Punishment

by Aline de Chevigny

Free Prelude


To anyone who needs a little magic in their life, or just want a wish or two.

“Damnit woman! You can’t do things like that.” Dwin bellowed angrily.
Jenelle’s refusal to look at him, annoyed him and tread on the last of his patience. The woman had been nothing but trouble since her punishment three years earlier.
Watching how she reverently ran her fingers over the marbled bust of the oldest and most powerful of Djinns angered him and set his body on fire with jealousy. The great
Djinn didn’t deserve her reverence…he did!
“Says who? You turned me into a genie Dwin, not some leach’s personal sex toy. I grant wishes, not sexual favors and especially not against an innocent woman’s explicit wishes,
that would be rape and I’ll have nothing to do with that. He got what he deserved and I’d do it again!” she replied heatedly, anger and disgust barely contained in her voice.
Her power fluctuating, despite the fact that she was collared against practicing all magic’s until her Master ordered it. Which attested to the power she wielded when
Dwin wiped his hands over his face and took a deep breath. He needed her to understand, or he’d lose her forever. “Most Genies enjoy pleasing their masters. They thrive on it.”
If he couldn’t get her to understand, they’d take her away.
“I’m not most Genies…Master Dwin Djinn.” She reminded him turning a glare at the bottle in his hands. “You should never have trapped me in this form.”
He knew she was angry, and she had every right to be. He’d betrayed her trust and her love with his actions. Not that he’d had a choice, or much of one, the council of
elders had decided her guilt and ordered him to choose her punishment before he could speak in her defense. Dwin chose the only thing he could that would keep her close to him.
“You needed to be punished for your actions, and this was the easiest, least repulsive and quickest punishment I could think of.”
He knew the moment he’d said the words, he’d made a mistake. It had been far from easy to choose a punishment for the woman he loved and turning her into a Genie carried
the shortest term. Six masters or five years depending upon how long it took each Master to decide upon their three wishes.

Jenelle’s eyes blazed with fire and danger. “Why you arrogant, pig headed, selfish...You did this to me because I refused to grant one wish. You failed to even ask who
made the wish or why I refused it. Or did you demote me because…”
Dwin was furious at her heartless and unfair accusations. “Don’t go there Jenelle. That night has nothing to do with your punishment.”
“I’m sure it didn’t.”
Her sarcasm broke into his anger and made him reassess her attitude. Jenelle looked truly hurt, her big brown eyes were filled with unshed tears. Her voice was thick with
unnamed emotions sounding betrayed by his decisions. He’d truly had no choice. To save her, the choice had been taken from him along with her presence in his life the night
she’d been accused of breaking Jin law. “Then tell me,” he pleaded.
“No! You want me to grant any and all wishes, fine, you win Dwin. Pick my next Slaver and I’ll make certain all of his wishes, desires and thoughts come true. My next master
will have no complaints against me.” She warned, her face unreadable.
“Jenelle…” he growled angrily. Her choice of words hurt him to his core and her insinuations made him see red in jealousy and outrage.
“Don’t call me that! Its Genie now, and you made this choice not me. My next Master will get anything he asks of me.” She told him, the implications of her words, plain to hear
in her voice.
His rage sprang free of his hard won control at the implication behind her words. She was his, body and soul and it was time she learnt that once and for all. “I forbid it!”
“Too late Dwin, you can’t forbid me. You placed this hell on me without getting all the facts. You took his word over mine and now you have to live with what you’ve turned me
into. So choose my next slaver so this can be done with and I never have to see you again!”
Dwin turned away from her before she could undo him. He knew now that she was right. He’d known the truth for months and had done everything in his power to free her, but her
blatant disregard of Genie rules and the turning of her last Master into an Ass had worked against him. She needed to obey one Master fully and completely for them to consider
granting him the permission he craved to lift her punishment. Yet if she continued to disobey, she would be stripped of all her powers and they would make her human.
He couldn’t allow that. Despite what she believed, loosing her would kill him. If she lost her powers, he would give up his own to be with her.
“I’ll have a candidate for you by tomorrow, but tonight…tonight I wish you to stay with me.” He requested softly.
Jenelle narrowed her eyes at him in anger. “Is that an order…Master?”
Dwin winced upon realizing the error of his words. “You don’t have any other Master but yourself. This choice is all yours.”
Jenelle shook her head at him sadly. “You’re wrong Dwin. I’m a genie now…I have nothing but Masters. I have you.”
“Not tonight.” The desire to pull her into his arms was so strong he could barely resist it. He desperately needed her to believe him or he’d lost her anyway. “Tonight you’re
free to make your own decision. I want you to choose to stay with me.”
The terror in her eyes as she backed away from him broke his heart. This was why a Djinn should never fall in love. They lost their power when that love wasn’t returned and
he’d been at minimum power for the past three years. Yet if she’d return that love his power would be unlimited.
“I can’t. Forst could make further false accusations out of spite and I’d be cursed to remain a Genie forever. I’m sorry Dwin, but I can’t risk it. I chose to be with you once
and got punished for my choice…by you.” She explained nearly backed into the wall behind her.
Clarity struck. She loved him. All those years of hurt and pain for nothing. He should have defended her more fiercely, trusted her implicitly. “When you never came to me that
night, I thought…”
Jenelle laughed at him mockingly. “You thought wrong, as usual. You never did trust in me, did you?” Turning away from him, she continued her explanation. “Forst stopped me
while I was on my way to your room. Then I woke with these attached to my wrists.” She whispered holding out her arms to show him her bracelets. “That’s all I remember Dwin.
I was leaving my room to come to you, I ran into Forst, turned down his insulting advances then woke up a prisoner in my own body.”
“You never did what he claimed did you?” His words were sure and confident of her answer. Forst had been too adamant, too sure of himself and too determined she be given to
him for punishment. His friend had never volunteered for anything in their entire lives, why had he started that night?
“I have to go Dwin.”
Her words terrified him, another emotion a Djinn should never feel. His feet moved towards her and before he realized what his intentions were, he blocked her path, refusing
to let her leave. “Not until you answer me!” He ordered with both words and power.
Jenelle frowned up at him angrily, she’d felt the power and wasn’t hiding her displeasure at his choice to use it against her, and yet she still answered him freely.
“Forst didn’t lie. I did as he claims, as would any other Gin in my position if he attempted to spell them against their will.” She told him angrily.
Dwin felt the first spark of anger ignite in his chest. “Why did he try to spell you Jenelle?”
“Why do you think he did it, Dwin?”
Anger and resentment flowed out of her aimed straight at his chest. Bound as she was, there shouldn’t have been any power available to her. Shock floored him, on so many levels
she was more than he’d ever dreamed. He knew Jenelle had been powerful for a Jin and given a few years her power would have reached Djinn status. But for that to happen, he
needed to free her.
Yet Forst, his best friend had attempted to spell his love away from him. Why? The betrayal pained him. Forst had known his feelings for the fiery beauty. The younger Djinn
had known how it had broken him to be the one to punish her. Yet, he couldn’t let another wield the burden, not even Forst who’d volunteered for the task. “Tell me! I wish to
hear the words from your lips.”
Raising her head proudly, she glared in his direction. “He wanted me for himself. That night Forst informed me I belonged to him and none other. He threatened to use his power
to insure I accepted him, if he needed to. Forst informed me that you were unworthy, that he as the more powerful would gain the prize. I am no one’s prize Dwin! Not now, not
That spark of anger quickly started to boil. Forst had broken the most important of Djinn laws. Never use your powers for harm! And yet his heart had never felt so light. “You
stood up to a Djinn twice as powerful as you are for me?” He was awed that she would risk so much for him, and more Dwin felt ashamed that he’d doubted her. It was time he

started making things right. “I’ll have a talk with Forst, get him to revoke his complaint or we’ll see how he likes the punishment when I...”
Dwin looked down at her hand resting on his arm with surprise. She hadn’t touched him in so long he wasn’t sure how to react. “But…”
“You have no proof, only my word and at the moment my word isn’t worth much. I have no credibility with the council. Let it go, please.” She pleaded.
“He did this to you, to us…” Her smile broke through the last of his barriers. “I can’t live without you anymore Jenelle, and if that means confronting Forst, so be it.”
Her body relaxed in final understanding. “The fact that you want to confront him means the world to me. Let’s go to bed Dwin. Deal with Forst once you have proof.”
“Are you sure?”
“I made my choice.” She announced firmly cupping the side of his face. The soft stroke of her hand against his cheek soothed him. Dwin pulled her close, wrapping his arms
around her softness and buried his face in her hair. He’d never planned to fall in love with her, but now that he had, he was never letting her go again. “Your next Master,
love, you can’t refuse him or…”
Resting her head against his chest, Jenelle tangled her fingers into his shirt. “I know Dwin, they told me in the council hall this morning. If you make my next Master a she
instead of a he, we shouldn’t have a problem.”
He ran his hands soothingly over her back. “I’ll consider it love, but tell me…Once you’ve been restored, will you still be mine?” He saw the surprise in her eyes and smiled
in relief.
“You would still want me?”
“Always and forever.”
Dwin lay on his side, lovingly watching her sleep. They hadn’t made love, he’d just held her all night as she slept and he’d never felt more whole. He needed to choose her a
new Master that day but whom. Stroking her long blond hair back from her face he realized his decision was a simple one. There was only one type of Master she could obey in
good consciousness. The only type of Master she could obey without losing herself in the process.
Jenelle woke slowly, a bright beautiful smile crossing over her lovely face. Dwin wanted her and was willing to wait for her as long as it took. Opening her eyes she reached
out for him desperate for more contact. “Morning my lovely one. Did you sleep well?”
Her smile lit up the room as she ran her hands down his smooth chest. “Splendidly, and you?”
Dwin graced her with a kiss and pulled her back down into the bed. “Better than I have in a millennia. I could only wish you were naked to make this fine day more perfect.”
Flashing him an evil grin, Jenelle snapped her fingers. “Done. Your wish is my only command.”
Looking down, Dwin glimpsed a bare shoulder where silk once resided. Lifting the sheet he grinned, Jenelle had granted his wish. “So I see and yet I am also naked. Care to
Jenelle cuddled closer, rubbing her body against his in all the right places. “I read between the lines, my handsome dark haired Master. You said me, but you meant we, it
was plain to see all over your body.”
She was right, he couldn’t deny it. Letting his hands wander, he reveled in the rightness of having her there. Unfortunately it couldn’t last. “I hate to ruin such a perfect
morning but we need to discuss your next Master.”
With a sigh Jenelle nodded her agreement and tried to sit up.
Dwin pulled her closer to his side, stalling her attempt to move away from him. “I’ve chosen two and will leave the final decision to you. One is a woman and one a man, the
man is a …” A knock on the door distracted him from his thoughts. When the door opened without invitation, Dwin frowned. Forst should have known better, he’d been told
repeatedly to stay out of his chambers.
“Dwin I heard that…What is she doing here!”
Flashing his friend a grin, Dwin settled a soft kiss against Jenelle’s temple. “Good morning Forst, Jenelle was just about to receive her final assignment.” He watched the
emotions of anger, envy and jealousy play across his friend’s handsome face. Emotions he never would have noticed if not for his conversation with his beloved last night.
“Yes Forst. I know what you did. Jenelle explained the whole sordid situation to me last night and we will discuss it with the council later. I also know that Jenelle did
what you accused her of, but now I know that her wish of impotence on you was justified.” All Djinn knew that an impotent Djinn was no Djinn at all. Forst had been petitioning
the council to grant him a wish to reverse the curse placed upon him but no genie would grant it willingly or voluntarily. Which should have told them all the truth of the
matter before them.
“You can’t believe her over me? She’s trying to fool you, she’s using your affection for her, to get out of her punishment.”
Dwin was entertained by Forst’s accusations, and didn’t believe a word of his lies. “Are you using me, my love?”
“No never, I love you too much for that Dwin. But you already knew that Forst, I told you that, the night I cursed you with my wish. Shall I grant you another wish for
lying again?” She threatened softly.
Dwin saw the fear in Forst’s eyes, when Jenelle moved forward slightly to cuddle closer. He frowned in understanding when Forst stepped back away from them. “So it’s
true, you had me punish her because she loved me and not you. You’re supposed to be my friend Forst, you knew I cared for her. Why?”
“No, no I never… I am your friend…she’s…She was just a mere Jin. You deserved better, another Djinn at the very least.”
Dwin shook his head at the man before him in disbelief. Forst’s handsome features, combined with his long blond locks and dark green eyes, could have gotten him any
woman he wanted, any woman but Jenelle and that was why they were all present. Jenelle always had preferred her men dark rather than fair. Forst had never stood a
chance of winning her over. Helping him see right through Forst’s nervous babbling.
“You wanted her for yourself and she rejected you.” Anger swelled out of control at the betrayal he experienced. Things were different now that she’d granted him one
wish, he had two more to use up before she could move on to the next master. Whether she meant to or not, she’d made him her new Master this morning.
Turning his attention back towards the woman in his arms, he broached the subject that would determine both their fates. “Your choices for Master my love are a woman
in need of protection, or me.” Jenelle’s body stiffened in his arms as she eyed him suspiciously. That suspicion hurt more than he’d expected, but he’d known it was a
“Why you?”
“Because it’s the only way I can grant you the power to exact revenge on your betrayer and as you’ve granted me one wish, I now have another two to make before you
can move on.” He watched as she mulled his explanation over in her mind. But he could see that she hadn’t reached a decision until Forst spoke up.
“He’s only trying to control you.” Forst spat in a poor attempt to dissuade her.
Jenelle sniffed at Forst’s betraying attempt to save himself. “I choose you Dwin.”
With a malicious grin Dwin looked straight at Forst. “If only I could use my second wish for a kiss good morning, but that would be a waste of a wish. Both are needed
for my plan to work.”
Jenelle grinned and pinned him to the bed with her body. “You don’t need a wish to request a kiss, you sexy Djinn. All you had to do was ask. Hearing Forst backing away
towards the door Dwin sighed and broke off the kiss with regret before his prey could escape. “My second wish is to have Forst receive his just punishment.”
Jenelle closed her eyes and snapped her fingers. Dwin turned to look over when he heard a howl of pure outrage. Forst stood before them with bracelets made of pure
Silver on his wrists. Jenelle’s wish had turned him into a Genie.
“You will pay for this woman. I’ll tear you limb from limb!” Forst screamed, murder echoing from his lips in deadly fury.
Dwin cradled her to him protectively. “No she won’t, she’s following my wishes as her Master.”
Dwin saw Forst take an aggressive step towards the bed. “His lamp love.”
“Sorry Master.” She snapped her fingers once more and a lamp of Silver with spelled etchings engraved into it appeared sucking Forst into its heart.
“Your third wish Master?”
Dwin stroked her back as he thought out the wording. “Perhaps I should wait on the third wish. I like having you so obedient.” He teased.
The only response he got from her was a raised eyebrow and a soft kiss to his neck, reminding him of what had been so rudely interrupted. “Or perhaps I can make the
wish now and we can return to our pleasant morning?”
“I would prefer the latter Master.”
“Then my third wish is for you to return to your rightful position in our domain. I want my beloved Jin back.”
Jenelle blinked at him in surprise and snapped her fingers. The moment the echo of the snap died away, her bracelets fell off and power flowed into her. He’d never
seen a more beautiful sight. Jenelle glowed from the power radiating off of her. “Now my lovely Jin, marry me. Be mine forever. I can’t stand the thought of loosing
you again.”
A small cry of happiness escaped her lips, as she threw herself forward knocking him back into the bed, the lamp in his hands falling onto the ground. “Yes Dwin, oh
yes. But…only after I help that poor woman in need.”
Dwin smiled at her lovingly, and pinned her back against the bed. “That’s my Jin.”
Jenelle eyed with distance the silver etched lamp on the floor. “So what do we do with Forst? He’s not ready to serve a Master Dwin. He’s still too angry and he’s pure
evil.” She told him, using her magic to float a blanket towards Forst’s new lamp and cover it, removing it from her sight.
Djinn shrugged, his eyes and attention never leaving her face. “We’ll hand his lamp to the training department to assess. If and only if they deem him ready to fulfill
his new position in life will they release him into the world. If not then he’ll be turned into a human. Forst, my love, is no longer our concern. Our only concern now,
is to plan our wedding and our future. Is that agreeable with you?”
“Very…but only after we get properly reacquainted.” She teased, running her fingers seductively down his chest.

Originally published in the e-zine Enchanted Ramblings' July 2005 Issue 001