Sapphire the LUNAtic’s Hosty Goddess

by Aline de Chevigny

Zeus looked out over the assembled Gods; he’d asked them all to appear to make a life altering decision for a select group of humans on earth.
“I’ve been informed from the powers that be at e-Harlequin, that we will have a new board going up. Therefore we need the perfect hostess to watch over them.”
“Exactly who will this person need to keep in line Father?” Aphrodite asked. “It isn’t often we’re asked to intercede in these matters.”
“They call themselves the LUNAtics.”
“LUNAtics?” Laughed Hades. “That explains everything.”
“This hostess will need to be someone extremely special and wise.” Aphrodite stated with conviction.
“Which group will be the predominant party on this board? Will they be young or old, male or female?”
“We believe Hera that it will be mostly women of all ages, of course there will be a few men among them.”
Ares smirked, “That can’t surprise you? A place with many women will always attract men. Father more than likely the first among them.”
Snickering arose around the room.
“Do you have a trait you wish to add Ares, or are you trying to tell us that you do not plan on visiting this board?”
“I believe you need a warrior, someone with a strength of mind and body to keep them in line.”
“Very true Ares but I feel she must also be a worshiper of the Moon deity.” Artemis pointed out.
“Point taken dear sister. Tell me Father what do these LUNAtics do?”
“Do, Apollo?”
“Yes what do they enjoy? What’s they’re passion, the reason for this board?”
“Ah! They are artistic and creative Apollo. They enjoy reading and writing both prose and poetry.”
“Then she’ll need to be quick witted to keep up with these creative miscreants.” Hermes pointed out.
“Anyone else?” Zeus asked looking around Mount Olympus at each of his Gods.
“I believe Father, we are searching for an Amazon.” Artemis pointed out logically. “An Amazon encompasses all of these points.”
Zeus sat back in his throne pondering her words. “So we need someone who encompasses the following characteristics:
· Someone extremely special and wise
· A warrior with strength of mind and body
· A worshiper of the Moon deity
· Someone with a quick wit and turn of phrase
· Someone kind and considerate
In summation as Artemis pointed out an AMAZON WARRIOR.”
“And I know the perfect one for the position.” All eyes turned to Athene. “Her name is Sapphire, I shall present her with the Ambrosia of the Gods if she accept the challenge.”
Athene approaches Sapphire and offers her the challenge of watching over a group of trouble makers that enjoy running Amok among other pass times as Bouncing and Tribble hunting. Sapphire ponders this for a few moments.
“I accept.”
Athene smiles, she never had a doubt that Sapphire would accept the post, ‘the woman was made for this job’ she thought. She then hands Sapphire the Ambrosia.
“Eat it!”
With complete confidence and trust in the Goddess, Sapphire bit into the Fruit and became our Hosty Goddess.

This story was written in April 2005 as a Birthday gift for Sapphire.