Wolf's Revenge: Sanctuary Moon's First Howl

When Cain told Yvee the truth about who and what he was, the last thing he expected was for her to leave him.

Nothing could have surprised him more than the day he found her waiting for him in their old apartment asking for his help. Nothing but the unmistakable need to retake what was rightfully his and bind his mate to him once and for all and stop the rogue wolf from terrorizing his city or harming his heart.

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Wolf's Revenge
Sanctuary Moon First Howl



Soft, slow music echoed down the hall from his apartment making him pause mid step. He knew that song; it sent shivers down his spine every time he heard it and it never meant good news. Cursing, Cain turned towards the exit and debated walking right back out of the building. He wasn't in the mood for any more trouble this century. Even he had his limits.

"You weren't thinking of leaving were you Cain?"

Her silky voice stopped him in his tracks. Yvette Geron, the one who got away. The only woman he'd ever loved and the only one he ever lost. Turning to face her, his breath caught in his throat. Yvee was still as beautiful and as breathtaking as he remembered.

Her long blond hair hung loosely down between her shoulders. It looked so soft and inviting, he wanted to tangle his fingers in it and pull her to him. Her ruby red lips tempted him beyond reason, to kiss both the life and their past right out of her. He'd give anything to take back all those things he'd said, just to have her back in his life but the truth needed to come out. "Not anymore." Adjusting the pack on his shoulder, he started forward. Not ever again!

"That's a relief. I was worried that you'd turn me away. Listen Cain, I'm sorry I let myself in but after the last time we were together I didn't think you'd let me into the apartment if I asked."