The Ravenson Project: Chronicles of the Cursed (Book 2)

Malek DeWinter, learnt the hard way that the Raven Lord he’d thought had saved him from death so many years ago, wasn’t what he appeared to be. After a night of passionate lovemaking with his new found mate, he wakes from his cursed sleep to find himself chained to the dungeon walls. With his mate at the mercy of his Lord, the house he'd thought had abandoned him comes to his rescue. Can he make things right before it’s too late? Or will he lose his true love to the hands of a traitor?

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The Ravenson Project: Chronicles of the Cursed Book 2

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The Ravenson Project: Chronicles of the Cursed Book 2



Malek growled, his senses coming alert all at once. Her scent infused him, she smelled of desire and need. Her lips tasted of eagerness and something he hadn’t tasted in decades… Could it be innocence? His eyes snapped open. Could it be? Could Sharra still be an innocent? The thought excited his senses and deepened his desire.

He rolled over pinning her to the mattress below his body. She’d been warned to stay away until he rose for the evening, yet the stubborn woman refused to obey the simplest of commands. If his Sire hadn’t given him leave to take a keeper of his very own, Sharra would be in serious danger for the stunt she’d just pulled. He’d decided within moments of being granted that permission that Sharra would be his keeper, keeping her safe under his protection. A slow throaty chuckle escaped his throat at the thought, he’d always wanted a human lover he could bite into orgasmic bliss. Seeing her surprised expression, he grinned evilly. “Good evening Sharra.”

“Malek, you’re awake!”

“You sound surprised pet! I must say Sharra; this is definitely the nicest way I’ve been woken in ages. But you know this isn’t where you were told to meet me.”

He grinned at the frown that caressed her lips, she hated being ordered about like a slave. “I’m no one’s slave Malek and I missed you.”

“No you certainly aren’t that Sharranna. But you could be mine! I wouldn’t object in the least.”

“Why you vile, disgusting, despicable excuse for a man.”

“You have no idea my pet, none whatsoever, how vile I could be.” He released his hold on the desire he felt for her and kissed her again. He expected no resistance since she’d entered his chambers and his bed freely, and he didn’t receive any. Five years of waiting and wanting were set free in her one act of defiance. His hands roamed eagerly down her side to her thigh, slipping under the dress she wore and climbing back up to rest on her hip. Her dress bunched above his left hand, his right holding her chin steady while he plundered her mouth kissing the breath out of her.