A Master for Christmas


Sarah was feeling lonely and alone when she walked into that Antique shop. So when a handsome man approached her and convinced her to buy the most beautiful antique lamp she’d ever seen she agreed readily. She soon learnt that all she knew about reality was false. Genies did exist, and they could be the most difficult creatures to resist.

Three wishes, no waiting… who knew becoming a Master for Christmas could be so much fun.

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A Master for Christmas

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A Master for Christmas



Trevino looked down at the woman in his arms with affection. Sarah had been his Master for the past three years and elven months, and she never once made a single wish. Nor had she allowed him to shower her with gifts or affection, not until last night. Last night he’d finally broken through her defenses and kissed her, which led to making love and an opening of the flood gates of emotion he’d kept so tightly shielded. Sarah had been the best Christmas present he’d ever received.

His parents would never let him live this down when they learnt the truth. He’d fallen in love with his Master, and now he needed to figure out how to make her use up her wishes so he could take his Gin exam and then marry his Master.

Brushing back her bright red locks, he mulled over his options. He could tell her how he felt, not that she wouldn’t already know after last night, or… he could ask her for permission to visit his parents. Sarah had never denied him his family in the past and he knew they could help with this predicament. But how did he make his request?


His name on her lips, so soft and sensual stirred his desire, and for once he could satiate that desire. He knew one thing for certain, he’d never be able to let her go again after last night. He needed a way around the wishes and genie laws, along with a method of making her immortal wouldn’t hurt, for her death would surely kill him once she departed this world.

“Trevino, stop staring at me like that, you’re making me nervous.”

“I would my lovely Master, but you look so delectable lying in my arms. I’ve waited so long to find you, I’m still awed that you truly exist.” He told her with a grin.

Sarah blushed, then burrowed further under the blankets closer to his still nuke and excited body. “Don’t be silly, you’ve known I existed for three years. You’re acting all weird because I was weak and gave into temptation. I won’t use those wishes Trevino, I refuse to treat you like a slave. You deserve to be treated better than that.”

That one phrase was the reason he never stood a chance against her. Sarah had always treated him like a man and an equal. “I pray you never find the need to make those wishes. I quite enjoy being yours… body and soul.”

Her cheeks radiated heat against his chest, he’d embarrassed her again. It amused him how easily he could still do that to her.

“I wish…”