Dirty: A SKIU Serial

After suffering a nearly fatal injury while at a crime scene, Anna Jeffries is ordered home to rest. She reluctantly agrees to take leave and decides to go home to her parents until she’s cleared to return to work. On her way home she comes across an officer shot and in need of aid. At the hospital she’s left speechless when she comes face to face with the officer’s brother, the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on and the uncontrollable attraction she feels towards him.

Detective Grady Thomas had put his personal life on hold to raise his three younger brothers, spending all his time teaching them right from wrong. Now that their all adults and cops in their own rights he wants something for himself, someone to be his partner. Unfortunately the corruption in the precinct has grown out of hand and they’ve decided to target his family. When the youngest of his brother’s is shot and left for dead, he vows to find those responsible and make them pay.

Question is can he stay focused on his objective when he realizes that the woman who saved Reagan’s life is the woman of his dream?


Excerpt : Unedited.