Deadly: A SKIU (Serial Killer Investigation Unit) Serial

He calls himself Pan.

In order to catch a serial rapist, Detectives Hank Adams and Felicia Scott agree to go undercover – as a happily married couple. Both have their misgivings about their ability to pull off the illusion. Felicia is certain Hank is in love with his partner Ry’s fiancée and Hank’s pretty sure Felicia’s got the hot’s for Ry.

With the threat of Pan escalating past rape, can these two admit to their growing attraction before a murderer ends their chance for love?

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Deadly: A SKIU Serial Book 2

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Deadly: A SKIU Serial Book 2



Ry shut off the water and heard the locker room door squeak open, then thud shut. Amy was early. Guess she missed me. He thought as a grin lit his features. “I’m back here love.”

Walking out of the shower area Ry dried his hair with the only towel he had available thinking of two things. He planned on giving his girl quite a show, and expected to receive a kiss for his performance. Looking up eager to see her expression he stopped cold in shock. “You’re not Amy!”

“No Sir. My name is Felicia Scott; I’m a Detective second class. I transferred out here four months ago.”

“I know who you are Detective, what I want to know is what are you doing in the men’s locker room?”

“Looking for you Sir.”

Ry knew he should be angry with her, but he was too worried about Amy walking in on them at any second and getting the wrong idea. “You can’t be in here. You have to leave now.”

“I’m not going anywhere until I get some answers Sir.”

“Then leave me a message or book an appointment with my Secretary.” He kept looking at the door praying that is stayed shut.

“I’ve been trying that for a week sir. You’ve been ignoring me.”

His jaw clenched in anger, at her stubbornness. “I think you need to retake your level two detective test, you’ve certainly done a poor job or getting your facts straight so far. I’ve been on holiday Detective! I would have returned your call as soon as I got to it in my messages. Now will you please leave?” He watched her square her shoulders for a fight.

“No Sir! Not until you tell me why you put the Doctor in danger. She’s a civilian sir. Why not approach me to be the bait? I may not be as gorgeous as her, but I’ve been told I’m rather pretty and I have brown hair and blue eyes as well.”

Ry wasn’t looking at her anymore; she was the least of his worries . All of his attention was now fixed on the woman in the doorway. Amy stood there, leaning against the doorjamb with an entertained smile playing over her lips.

“Would you like a towel Detective Stevens?”

“Amy! This isn’t what it looks like.”

Amy laughed at him, sealing his doom. “So you aren’t standing there naked. With only a very tiny towel in your hand, dripping water onto the floor. Alone with a very beautiful woman in the locker room?”

His brain refused to work. “I thought she was you.”

“I admit I can see a vague resemblance Detective. Maybe we should get your eyes checked?”

Ry was ready to panic he couldn’t lose her. “Amy I--”