Blood Red: Chronicles of the Cursed (Book 1)

Mikael De Wohlf better known to his kind as Cerberus Gnosis, became the head of his clan with the simple act of killing his Sire. That act alone gained him the power and respect he needed to take control of all the ruling houses and reshape the clans to help them survive in this day and age. His reputation painted him as a ruthless killer and terrified everyone who knew him, everyone but her. Everyone but his Bella, his obsession.

Annabella Micelli knew exactly who he was and wasn’t afraid of him one bit. To her dismay she found herself attracted to him and couldn’t get him out of her mind. As keeper for his clan she had insights into the Vampire world that other humans would never have and could never know of.

Will Mikael be able win over the one person that could help him attain his goals, or ruin the one chance he had at happiness?

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Blood Red: Chronicles of the Cursed Book 1

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Blood Red: Chronicles of the Cursed Book 1



Forever was a lot longer than he thought it would be when his Sire had proposed the change. He had made it sound enticing. He’d said the days would be filled with adoration and the nigh with loving. He’d lied!

The first hundred years had been exciting and more enriching than anything he’d ever experienced. Taking beautiful young maidens full of life and ravishing them before feeding off their milky white throats. Always feeding off the Nobility’s daughters, payback for the way they shunned and mocked him when he’d still been alive. Now they came to him willingly, offering him what he could easily take by force. Pitiful creatures. He hated them.

Over the centuries he’d become more feared then Dracula himself, all because he wasn’t afraid to die. Despite everything he now had, the power, the fame and the money, he still lacked one thing. True Love. Five hundred years of searching, traveling the world over and finding nothing had left him jaded, cross and bored. Those emotions made him dangerous and deadly. He hadn’t earned the name Cerberus Gnosis, the knowledgeable dog of Hell by being nice.

Mikael De Wohlf was aware that he scared people. They weren’t sure what to make of him and therefore they were frightened of him. With a Russian father and a Greek mother, his blond haired, and teal colored eyes tended to get him all the female attention he wished. Any woman but her and she was the one he desired. The one he’d searched for all these years!

Annabella Micelli knew who he truly was. She was among the elite of the human race with the knowledge of his kind, the knowledge of the undead. Her acute awareness of his past actions, his reputations as a vile, ruthless demon without a conscience disgusted her. She didn’t approve of his tactics, or the fact that he used his vast knowledge, painfully gained throughout the centuries, to ascertain the downfall of his enemies and their progeny at any cost.

Yet he couldn’t kill her like he had all others who disapproved of him. Like he had his Sire for the lies he’d told him. She had a hold over him, over that thing that was once his heart. Her mere presence soothed him, her aura washed over him like a calming breeze. With her around many escaped his anger and their deaths. For that reason alone she willingly served as his secretary, nay personal assistant.

Mikael smiled, his fangs gleaming as he remembered her defiant stance the day he demanded she leave his office so he could deal with the traitor his own way. Her angry refusal, and narrowed eyes as she stood in his way, blocking the path to his victim. His desire for her body overwhelming his desire for blood was the only reason he agreed to allow the traitor to live in exchange for her services.

Bella glared at him, disgust filing her features at his request. He knew then, that he had her. He could take her body if he asked; she wouldn’t refuse him. It was there in her face, but he wanted more. He wanted her to come to him willingly. He wanted her to desire him as much as he desired her, if not more. He wanted her forever.

With a predatory grin, he let his fangs extend. His personal mark of truth and offered her the position of being his personal assistant. He offered her the responsibilities and authority of managing his companies while he slept. A great honor that until now had never been bestowed upon a female. Her surprised acceptance pleased him more than he was willing to admit. But damn the woman, she still refused his advances. “Soon my Bella, soon you’ll be mine.”